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Tongue Frenulum Piercing

Whether you’re new to body piercing or an experienced body jewelry lover who’s feeling the urge to get something new and creative, a frenulum piercing can be a great way to try something different.

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about frenulum piercings to help you decide if you want to try this piercing for yourself:

What is a frenulum?

Frenulum is the anatomical term used to refer to the small membrane, or piece of connective tissue, that attaches two specific body parts. The most commonly pierced frenulum location is the one connecting your tongue to the floor of your mouth, and the second most popular is located between your top inner lip and your gums.

Is a frenulum piercing the same thing as a tongue frenum/web piercing?

Frenulum piercings are technically the broader category of piercings, one that also includes the tongue frenum or tongue web piercing. Tongue frenum piercings involve the tissue underneath your tongue, while other frenulum piercings utilize the connective tissue between your upper lip and gums. You may hear some upper frenulum piercings referred to as “oral frenum piercings” or “smiley piercings.”

How long does a frenulum piercing take to heal?

Average healing time for frenulum piercings is the same as all others, about six months to one year or longer. However, people are usually able to switch out their jewelry at the one-two month mark. Throughout the healing process, you’ll need to use sea salt and water rinses to regularly rinse your mouth. You’ll also want to use “Swish-it!” mouthwash as well. Both products are sent home with you at the time of piercing.

What type of jewelry is used for frenulum piercings?

Usually, frenulum jewelry is small and lightweight, to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of eating, drinking, and other everyday tasks. We suggest choosing either a captive bead ring, a curved barbell, or the most common option which is a horseshoe.

How long do tongue web piercings last?

Because every person is different, it’s tough to know exactly how long your tongue web piercing will last. Some people find that their body “rejects” the jewelry over time, leading to it simply falling out. However, other people report having a frenulum piercing for years without any changes.

Can anyone get a tongue web piercing?

Most people are good candidates for a tongue web piercing, but some may not have enough tissue to allow space for the jewelry. While the large majority of people have a good experience with tongue web piercings, a limited number may notice mild irritation on the bottom of their tongue or mouth. In this case, it may be better to try other piercings that are more comfortable.

Frenulum Piercings from Almost Famous Body Piercing

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