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Snug Piercings

colorful snug piercing design-almost famous body piercingWe get a lot of customers that come in to our shop wanting a unique piercing. When they ask us which piercing to get or ask us for our input, the snug piercing is one that we like to suggest! This is simply because it is a beautiful piercing but it has yet to reach any sort of extreme popularity like the cartilage rim or Tragus has. It is no more difficult to care for and there are a lot of creative jewelry options.

What is a Snug Piercing?

A snug piercing goes through the antihelix portion of the ear, the slight ridge above the lobe and under the face of the ear. To get this piercing, you’ll have to have a prominent enough cartilage ridge. The cartilage ridge is a really visible spot on the ear, making it a great place to flaunt some unique jewelry if you don’t want to stick with a standard barbell. This piercing is done with a curved barbell and when it is finished, one bead will almost look like a cartilage rim piercing and the other bead will sit in the conch of the ear.

Some customers don’t quite have the anatomy for a snug piercing and that’s okay, we can still make it work! In a case like this, we recommend doing a faux snug piercing. People actually get really excited about this because then you get two piercings instead of one. We pierce through the conch at a slight angle and insert a small barbell. We then pierce through the cartilage rim at a slight angle with another short barbell and just like that, you get the appearance of a snug piercing!

Healing Time and Aftercare

black snug piercing design-almost famous body piercingSnug piercing healing, like any other cartilage piercing, takes approximately six to twelve months or longer. Your piercer will show you how to clean your piercing with saltwater solution two to three times a day and to clean off any residue build up on the outside with glycerin soap, both of which are purchased at the time of your new piercing. Remember to be really careful with headphones, earbuds, any helmets that cover your ears, and swimming in chlorinated water or lakes. You’ll also want to stay away from any ointments or creams and any alcohol or peroxides.


If you are interested in getting a snug piercing yourself or want to learn more about the piercing, contact Almost Famous Body Piercing. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best possible experience, in a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

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