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Want to get pierced?

Piercings are on a walk-in basis only. All piercings are performed by temporary technicians under supervision of a senior piercer. A senior piercer has performed 1,000 or more piercings.

Our temporary technicians need people for a variety of piercings during our piercing workshops.


The charge is only $25 (CASH ONLY) per hole (industrials equal two holes) and includes standard steel piercing jewelry and aftercare.

Surface, dermal and genital piercings are $30 each.


Piercing Workshops

Our public piercing schedule varies based on current temporary technician training.

Fargo (3902 13th Ave SW West Acres Mall) is:

Sunday, 12/17/2017 from Noon to 6PM.            Ask for Alyssa!

NE Minneapolis (405 Central Ave) is:

Keep checking back.

Crossroads Center Mall, Saint Cloud MN is:

Sunday, 12/17/2017 from 11AM to 7PM.            Ask for Ashton!

River Hills Mall, Mankato, MN is:

Sunday, 12/10/2017 from 11AM to 7PM.            Ask for Eva!


Thank you to everyone who attended our previous workshop, and made it such a success!! Our temporary technicians are grateful for your attendance!
405 Central Avenue Suites 202 & 204

1502 Broadway
1850 Adams St, Suite 130
2000 North Neil Street
St. Cloud
4101 West Division Street
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