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To give our customers the best possible piercing experience in a clean, safe, welcoming environment, and to offer the largest selection of quality jewelry and aftercare products by trained and licensed staff that is eager to help, and passionate about their work.

Company History

oldstoreThe first Almost Famous store was opened in Fargo, ND in West Acres Mall in 2003, and that first store did not look like the Almost Famous Body Piercing locations you know today! Our first location carried a variety of items, including clothing, music cd’s, assorted gift items, skateboards, and shoes. Body piercing wasn’t much more than an afterthought in our early years. The Fargo location started with a single piercing room, and six small boxes of very basic body jewelry.

newstoreIn 2005, Body Stars, Inc. was formed, and Almost Famous became Almost Famous Body Piercing. We celebrated our new beginning with a remodel to the Fargo location, and the store you see today was born, including a second piercing suite and way, way more body jewelry for our customers to get excited over! We made the decision to discontinue all the clothing and other items and become a body piercing-only store.

As the Fargo store grew, we started getting customer inquiries about other locations. So we thought, why not?! Our second location opened in September 2010, in Crossroads Mall, Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Two more locations followed quickly after. We added our Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota, store in 2011, and our only non-mall location opened in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota at 405 Central Ave., Suite 110, in 2012. We proudly added our fifth location in June of 2016 in Mankato, Minnesota, in the River Hills Mall. We are currently working on our next location in the Market Place Mall in Champaign, Illinois in the fall of 2016. We have more new locations scheduled for 2017, and look forward to bringing Almost Famous Body Piercing to your area!

As our business has developed, so has our infrastructure. We have also added two Piercing Central Training Center locations for training our staff in everything from First Aid to Body Piercer training. We have four certified BLS Instructors on our staff. When time permits, we include piercing professionals from outside our business in our training sessions in addition to speaking to and educating other professions (such as medical professionals) about body piercing and body piercing related issues.

We also have our own central warehouse which processes and ships jewelry and supplies to all of our locations each week. With so many locations, we buy our jewelry in large quantities, which gives us the opportunity to sell quality jewelry at a better price than most other stores that carry similar products.

We look eagerly toward adding additional locations in the future and having the opportunity to serve even more customers as we expand our company. Our team of exceptional people continues to grow as our company progresses, and we proudly invite you to shop (and get pierced!) with us.

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