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Taylor O.

Piercer Profile

Taylor O. at Almost Famous Body Piercing

Almost Famous location(s) where you work

I have worked at all of our store locations but right now, I am lucky to be able to work from home for the most part. I still travel around to teach CPR, First Aid, bloodborne pathogens, and Piercing Central classes but a typical day for me is answering emails, messages, updating our social media platforms, a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. So if you message or email us to ask a question, chances are, you’re talking to me! 🙂

What date did you begin piercing?

I started piercing back in September of 2011.

How many piercings do you personally have?

I’ve had MANY piercings over the years and now I think I have the fewest of anyone else in the company. I currently only wear jewelry in my nostril piercings.

What is your favorite piercing you have?

I have two – my double nostril piercings. They were my first two piercings. They’re a part of me now and I can’t envision myself without them.

What is your favorite piercing to do on others?

I love doing microdermal piercings! Dermals can be placed just about anywhere on the body so I always get excited when a client says there are getting one. I enjoy helping the piercee decide on jewelry, helping them choose a placement, and seeing their expression when they see the outcome.

Why did you want to be an Almost Famous Body Piercer?

I started working at Almost Famous Body Piercing in Fargo when I was was just 16 years old. It was actually my very first job. Fun fact – I actually started there doing henna tattoos and after a short while, became a front counter clerk. I loved working with body jewelry, was intrigued by piercings, and loved the fast paced environment. I quickly decided that I had to be a body piercer. Shortly after I turned 18, I moved to Minneapolis and not long after that, we opened our Mall of America location, which is when I finally became a body piercer!

What is your favorite thing about being an Almost Famous Body Piercer?

I love all of the opportunities that I get while being an Almost Famous Body Piercer. I am not only a body piercer within the company, but also a Manager, CPR and First Aid Instructor, Bloodborne Pathogens teacher, and train our piercing technicians. Then now, I work more in public relations. I’m incredibly lucky to work for a small company that is always growing and changing and allows me to grow and change with it.

Body piercing also dates back to over 5,000 years ago. The oldest mummified body had pierced ears! It’s so interesting to me how far body piercing has come over the years, even since the 90’s, and I love being a part of that evolution.

What do you enjoy about our customers?

I love our diverse clientele! We get people of all ages, of all backgrounds, all wanting something pierced for a different reason. I also love getting continual customers that recognize and remember you and you both get a giant smile on your face when you see each other.

What are your hobbies outside of body piercing?

The most important thing to me is quality time with my kids and doing the things that I love with them so that they grow to love those hobbies as well. I love being outdoors and hiking, hammocking, camping, or kayaking. I spend a lot of my free time reading, listening to records, or doing yoga. We also have four dogs so when I’m not working, I’m usually doing something with my animals.

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Taylor

“Got my nipples and tongue pireced here. I will always come here. Best service ever. Emily was my tongue piercer and Taylor was my nipple piercer. They make you feel so comfortable! Hands down the best gals!” – Pakou Y.

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