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Piercer Profile


Almost Famous location(s) where you work

For a year, I split my time between Mankato and Mall of America and every once in a while at 405. Now I’m Mall of America’s manager!

What date did you begin piercing?

I started piercing in the summer of 2018!

How many piercings do you personally have?

I have 10 piercings!

What is your favorite piercing you have?

My Septum! I feel so naked without it!

What is your favorite piercing to do on others?

I’m obsessed with dermal! I can do them in less than 30 seconds!!

Why did you want to be an Almost Famous Body Piercer?

I love the environment that Almost Famous creates, especially for young girls and boys getting their first piercings. I knew I needed to be a part of it!

What is your favorite thing about being an Almost Famous Body Piercer?

Every day is filled with new experiences and new challenges, and I am always up for a challenge!!

What do you enjoy about our customers?

Oh man, they are ALWAYS a hoot! I love being able to make them laugh and feel more comfortable. Great people!!

What are your hobbies outside of body piercing?

I love singing, playing piano and cello, all things music!

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