Piercer Profile: Elise B. | Almost Famous Body Piercing

Elise B.

Almost Famous location(s) where you work?Piercer Elise B. at Almost Famous Body Piercing

Mall of America and 405 Central

What date did you begin piercing?

August 2017

How many piercings do you personally have?

24 and counting 😊

What is your favorite piercing you have?

Vertical Medusa

What is your favorite piercing to do on others?

Conch piercings!

Why did you want to be an Almost Famous Body Piercer?

I’ve always loved body art and Almost Famous gave me the opportunity to share that love with others!

What is your favorite thing about being an Almost Famous Body Piercer?

I absolutely adore my Almost Famous family, they make work feel like play! I also love seeing a huge smile on a customer after I’ve pierced them.

What do you enjoy about our customers?

Our customers are always so fun to work with, their excitement and energy are contagious!

What are your hobbies outside of body piercing?

I’m attending Hamline University and double majoring in legal and women’s studies. I also volunteer with an organization called SOS as well as sit on an executive board of an organization called SPSU. I enjoy watching “Friends” on Netflix and snuggling with my kittiesl.

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