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Labret Piercing

Labret PiercingWhat is a Labret Piercing?

A labret piercing is a lip piercing that is positioned at the center point of the lower lip, with actual piercing passing through the skin directly below the lip itself. Despite the modern, ultra-stylish look of a labret piercing, it’s actually a piercing type that dates back thousands of years. Labret piercings were very common in the Mayan, Aztec, and Amazonian tribes as a way to symbolize status, wealth, and rank, a favorite piercing of royalty and high-ranking members of their societies.

Types of Labret Piercings

Most popularly, a labret piercing is a single, centrally-located perforation beneath the lower lip. Today, people typically choose to do their labret piercing right underneath the lip line. Traditionally they were done a little bit lower towards the chin.

There are many variations on lip piercings that offer a way to customize your look.

  • A vertical labret piercing passes through the lower lip, unlike a typical labret piercing. This style is usually paired with a curved barbell, in order to comfortably fit the natural contours of the lip. Both ends of the barbell are visible with a vertical labret piercing, one side at the top of the lower lip where the lips meet when the mouth is closed and the other coming out of its underside right underneath the lip line.
  • A horizontal labret piercing is positioned at the center of the lower lip’s fattiest part, with the jewelry positioned horizontally. This is considered a surface piercing and both ends of the barbell are visible on the lip.
  • A side labret piercing is similar to a standard labret piercing in that a single bead of the barbell is visible below the lower lip because it is done with a labret stud. However, it varies in its specific placement. A side labret will be situated either towards the far left or right of the mouth, not the center.
  • A double labret or “dolphin bites” combines two standard labret piercings but right next to each other. These are typically done with labret studs
  • “Snake bite” piercings are a total of two lips piercings underneath the lip, one on each side. These can be done with labret studs, horseshoes, or hoops.
  • A viper or “spider bite” piercings are another combination of two lip piercings, with both placed next to each other on one side of the mouth.

What is the Process for Getting a Labret Piercing?

No matter what type of labret piercing you choose, the process will generally be fairly straightforward and quick. First, your piercer will clean the piercing site, providing you with an antibacterial mouth rinse if needed. Then, the entry and exit points will typically be marked to ensure you are happy with the placement. Your piercer will gently clamp your lip to hold it steady, then pass the piercing needle through the entry and exit points. Finally, your chosen jewelry will be inserted, and the process is complete! Then your piercer will go over aftercare with you and send you home with the products needed to heal swiftly and beautifully.

How Long Do Labret Piercings Take to Heal?

A labret piercing will generally be healed enough to change in six to eight weeks. If you’re questioning whether or not your piercing is healed enough, you can stop into any Almost Famous Body Piercing location and have a piercer take a look at it and help you decide. Your labret can possibly take six months to one year or longer to fully heal. This means that you won’t want to leave jewelry out for any length of time before then.

Labret Piercing Aftercare

You can expect to receive clear aftercare instructions, including the following:

  • Swish the area of your new piercing with a non-iodized sea salt and water mixture after eating, smoking, or drinking anything besides bottled water. You will do this multiple times a day but it doesn’t take much time at all.
  • You will also use a non-iodized sea salt and water mixture to soak the piercing. You soak the outside of the piercing using a shot glass 2-3 times a day.
  • You will clean the surface or the outside of the piercing with glycerin soap twice a day to remove any residues from facewash, lotions, and other products you may use throughout the day.
  • You will use the “Swish-It” mouthwash twice a day. After brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, you’ll swish with a capful of mouthwash and swish for 30 seconds before spitting it out.
  • Avoid playing with your piercing and over manipulating it while it is healing.
  • Try to avoid makeup, harsh cleansers, or other products on and near the piercing site.
  • Stay away from alcohol and overly spicy/salty foods for the first few days of healing.

Almost Famous Body Piercing

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