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Industrial Piercings

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We’re obsessed with industrial piercings because when it comes to jewelry, the possibilities are endless! You can wear a straight bar, a bar with a design in the center, we even see people mix it up with a different piece of jewelry in each piercing. Stop into any Almost Famous Body Piercing location and any of our staff would be happy to show you your options and help you get creative.

What is an Industrial Piercing?

The industrial piercing is really two piercings in one! It is an outer helix piercing connected to a forward helix piercing with a barbell, but there are many different styles that can be used with industrial piercing jewelry. Many people ask if they can use existing cartilage rim or forward helix piercings to make up an industrial piercing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. We do those piercings perpendicular to the ear so that the gem or bead of the jewelry sits flat to the ear. We do industrial piercings almost parallel to the ear so that there’s no constant pressure of the bar trying to pull the ear outward. The most common form of the industrial piercing is going across the top of the ear at a diagonal angle, but you can also get it completely horizontal or vertical. Industrials were coined by Erik Dakota in Body Play Magazine in 1992. Since then, they’ve only continued to increase in popularity.

What is the Healing Time for This Piercing?

Like all cartilage piercings, the suggested industrial piercing healing time is six months to a year or longer. Being diligent in using your aftercare products can help shorten that time but it is no guarantee. Many people want to get matching piercings in both their ears, but that’s not a good idea with industrials. It’s extremely difficult to find a suitable sleeping position with two fresh industrial piercings. Sleeping on your side with the fresh industrial can be uncomfortable.

silver industrial piercing on ear-almost famous body piercingIndustrial Piercing Aftercare and Healing Tips

Like when you get any other piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing, your piercer will tell you to soak your new industrial piercing in a sea salt solution two to three times a day. Just in case bacteria does find its way into your fresh wounds, the sea salt solution does a great job of rinsing it out. You also might be tempted to use other methods like hydrogen peroxide, although we would advise not to go that route because using it can actually slow the natural healing process as it is very harsh and can damage cells in the healing piercing. Make sure before you clean your piercing that you start by washing your hands and always be very gentle with the piercing wound.

Trends with Industrials

Industrial piercings have definitely picked up steam when it comes to their popularity. Even big celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Willow Smith have been spotted with them. Industrial piercings are becoming a staple, classic piercing with a cool reputation. Now that you know what it takes to get one, stop in and visit us at Almost Famous Body Piercing today!

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