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Ear piercing includes many different piercings, with the placement of piercings on the earlobe being some most common. Despite its popularity, earlobe piercing is anything but a one size fits all trend; it offers a range of opportunities to create a fun, genuinely custom look, letting you express yourself however you’d like.

Tragus Piercing

No, it’s not a monster from Dungeons & Dragons. The tragus is the small triangular projection of cartilage just in front of the opening to the ear canal. That part of the ear helps you catch sounds coming from behind you. For those who wear earbuds, you’d recognize it as the part of the ear that helps hold them in place.

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Daith Piercings

There are a lot of potential spots on the human body that can take a piercing or two, and most of them are on the ears. What seems to be the most interesting these days is a spot that is rapidly growing in popularity.

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Auricle (Conch) Piercing

The conch (auricle) piercing is named as such because the piercing goes through the conch (auricle) of the ear. The auricle is defined as the outer portion of the ear, in between the earlobe and the helix. The piercing itself can go pretty much anywhere in the middle of the ear as long as there is room for the jewelry to sit comfortably.

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Helix Piercing

If you’re itching for a new piercing but you want something a little less traditional, consider a helix piercing. The helix piercing is gaining in popularity as people become more creative with their body jewelry. Here’s what you need to know.

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Forward Helix

Orbital Piercing

Orbitals are one of those piercings that don’t get asked about all that often even though they are extremely beautiful once fully healed! Below is some information to read through to help you decide if an orbital is the piercing for you.

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Due to differences in State and local regulations, if you are a minor wishing to get pierced, or you are a parent or guardian wishing to bring a minor child in for a piercing, please call the store location you wish to visit for details on what ID is currently required and accepted for both parent and child at that specific location. If you are a guardian, proof of guardianship is required.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone… We do not perform piercings on people who are or seem to be intoxicated.

Everyone 18 and older wishing to get pierced must have a valid, state or federally issued picture ID like a driver’s license, non-driver picture ID, or a passport. Sorry, no exceptions.

For additional information on ID requirements, call the location you wish to be pierced at, and see additional information here. Not all locations have the same ID requirements due to state and local laws.

All piercings are performed under strict sterile, sanitary conditions by trained piercing professionals.

Almost Famous Ear Piercing

We believe you should be able to express your creativity not only through your new piercing, but with the jewelry you choose to put in it. And no matter what style of piercing you want to have, Almost Famous Body Piercing can help you get the look you want.

Piercings are walk-in only. We do not make appointments.

For a full list of piercings and up-to-date pricing information, please call or visit the location nearest you. All piercings are per hole unless otherwise specified. Jewelry is extra, and pricing can change without notice.

You can also view our online portfolio for some ideas on your next body piercing. We have a huge selection of jewelry options to add color and flair to your body piercing. From simple studs to colored accents, you can make your piercing pop.

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