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Ear Piercing/Stretching

Ear piercing includes many different piercings, with the placement of piercings on the earlobe being some most common. Despite its popularity, earlobe piercing is anything but a one size fits all trend; it offers a range of opportunities to create a fun, genuinely custom look, letting you express yourself however you’d like.

What are the Different Types of Earlobe Piercings?

Ear Piercing/StretchingAlthough you can get any arrangement or combination of earlobe piercings, they are most commonly categorized by the number of holes placed in the earlobe:

  • Single: one piercing, generally placed in the center of each earlobe
  • Double: two separate holes, set in both earlobes or just one
  • Triple: three piercings in a single earlobe, sometimes in both earlobes
  • Quadruple: a series of four piercings in one earlobe

The arrangement of your earlobe piercings is where you have the opportunity to truly get creative. You can have a different number of piercings sprinkled in each earlobe, or go for a symmetrical look instead. Earlobe piercing jewelry ranges from small studs and gemstones to hoops or larger dangle earrings to truly make a statement. One of the benefits of earlobe piercings is their versatility, allowing you to change your look as easily as you switch out your earrings.


How Much Healing Time is Expected for Earlobe Piercings?

You can expect about six weeks of healing time or longer for earlobe piercings, and the recovery process is usually simple. Watch for swelling over the jewelry, especially if you are a side sleeper or have long hair. Keep your piercing clean, and your hair pulled back away from the piercing wounds as much as possible. Do your aftercare regularly, and your piercings will be healed before you know it!


What Should I Know About Earlobe Piercing Aftercare?

One of the most important things to know about aftercare for your earlobe piercings is that the original earring must be left in throughout the healing process. You may only switch to new earrings after your piercings are completely healed. Also, you should regularly clean the piercings with sea salt soaks and glycerin soap washes, and avoid touching the piercing wounds or jewelry unless you have just washed your hands.


What Are Some of the Biggest Earlobe Piercing Trends?

There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to earlobe piercing trends, with endless possibilities regarding the placement and number of your piercings. Recent styles include creating a vertical and symmetrical line of piercings on the earlobe, creating a modern art-inspired look when simple gemstone studs are worn.


What Are the Basics of Earlobe Stretching?

Stretching involves the gradual increase of the width of the ear jewelry to stretch the piercing, and it is recommended that beginners start with a 16 gauge (standard earrings are 18 gauge). It is important to take the process slowly, stretching only one size at a time. The closer you move to zero, the larger the size of the hole, and you will need to wait longer between stretches to allow the skin to gently stretch so your skin does not tear. You should expect to wait at least several weeks between each stretch. You should not attempt the next size until your ear is completely healed and the tissue once again feels relaxed and elastic.

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