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Dermal Piercings

If you’re looking for a unique and versatile piercing, you may want to look into getting a dermal. There are so many ways to customize them. They can be placed just about anywhere on the body and there are many different jewelry options available.

What is a Dermal Piercing?Dermal Piercings on nape of neck - Almost Famous Body piercing

A dermal piercing is done on the surface of the skin. There is a small T-shaped boot that goes under the skin and the only visible part is the top which is fairly flat but can still have a gem, disc, or even a shape or filigree design. As opposed to traditional piercings, like lip or nose piercings, where a needle goes in through one point in the flesh and out the other, dermals are done by pinching up the skin and creating a small hole. A dermal anchor is then placed, and eventually your skin will heal around the boot creating a secure base for your piercing and giving you the ability to change out dermal jewelry top, simply by unscrewing it from the base.

Types of Dermal Piercings

One of the benefits of dermal piercings is that they can be done almost anywhere on the body. This kind of versatility in placement can lead to incredible design options with this piercing.

Some of the most popular placements are:
Dermal Piercing on side of neck - Almost Famous Body Piercing– Chest. Some will do a dermal in the center of the chest, other choose to do one on either side. It is completely up to you!
– Wrist. Although you must be very careful with these, they do make for a very beautiful piercing.
– Nape. Some customers have chosen the nape of the neck as their preferred placement. You can make them look like they’re done with a surface bar by doing two dermals, either vertically or horizontally, or choose to do multiple dermals in a triangle or diamond shape.
– Third Eye. The third eye placement is somewhat contemporary and looks so unique! This is when the dermal is placed in the center of the forehead, just slightly above the eyebrows directly above the nose.
– Upper cheek. This placement is when the dermal sits close to the eye, on the upper cheekbone area. These can be done in pairs, one dermal on its own, or some choose to outline their eye with them.

How Long Does a Dermal Piercing Take to Heal?

Dermal piercings have a relatively long and delicate healing process compared to other Dermal Piercing on finger - Almost Famous Body Piercingtypes of piercings. The average dermal takes six months to one year or longer to fully heal but the top can be changed after about three months. We highly recommend that you always stop into Almost Famous Body Piercing if you are wanting to change your dermal tops during any phase of healing. Changing these on your own by just simply twisting the gem can cause the anchor underneath the skin to turn as well, reinjuring the area and starting your healing time over again. We use a tool that helps us to steady the boot and another tool that can twist the top off easily, making it painless and easy for you. Migration and rejection are both very real and very possible with these piercings. If you keep this in mind and are vigilant about your aftercare and gentle with your piercing, you could have a beautifully healed dermal piercing that could potentially last for years to come.

Aftercare Tips for a Dermal Piercing

Dermal Piercing on upper cheek - Almost Famous Body PiercingDermal piercings need extra care, since it’s much easier to jostle a dermal out of place, or to have one catch on your clothes. Wearing loose fabrics during the healing process, particularly breathable fabrics like cotton, will help the healing process go much easier. If you play sports or go swimming, cover your piercing with one of our “Cover It!” kits. Once you are pierced, you will keep a band aid over the jewelry for close to 2 weeks when you sleep. This will give the skin and tissue in the area to heal around the piercing and keep your jewelry firmly in place. Your two forms of aftercare include non-iodized sea salt and fragrance free vegetable glycerin soap. You’ll soak your dermal with a sea salt and water mixture to remove any drainage from the piercing. You will also use glycerin soap to remove any residues from other products from your jewelry and keep the area clean.

The limit to dermal piercings is really your imagination. If you decide that a dermal is the piercing for you, visit us at Almost Famous Body Piercing and we will help make your dermal design dream a reality. We would be happy to help you choose a unique placement, jewelry that perfectly fits your style, and give you a piercing that you’ll love!

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