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Tragus Piercing

There are many different parts of the ear that you can pierce. Some in areas you wouldn’t even think were possible to pierce! You can view some of the countless options in our online gallery – Ears are a very common place to get piercings, but there’s more to the ear than just the earlobe, and some of those other parts can make for very distinctive displays of body jewelry.

What is the Tragus?tragus piercing - Almost Famous Body Piercing

No, it’s not a monster from Dungeons & Dragons. The tragus is the small triangular projection of cartilage just in front of the opening to the ear canal. That part of the ear helps you catch sounds coming from behind you. For those who wear earbuds, you’d recognize it as the part of the ear that helps hold them in place. 

How Long Will It Take to Heal?

Assuming you keep the area clean as you would for any other piercing, it shouldn’t take much longer than any other cartilage piercing to heal. Just because it’s a funny shape and higher on the ear, doesn’t mean you have to learn a whole new set of rules for it. When you receive a piercing at Almost Famous Body Piercing, we send you home with a set of aftercare which consists of pure glycerin soap and non-iodized sea salt. As long as you’re vigilant with your aftercare routine and avoid touching the area with unclean hands, your piercing should heal up beautifully. Right after getting your piercing, it is normal to experience swelling, redness, soreness, and a drainage.  A piercing is a wound, after all, and needs time and a little extra care to heal! All of this will be explained by your Almost Famous Piercing Professional at the time of your piercing.

What Sort of Jewelry Works Best?

Typically, Tragus piercings are done with captive bead rings, horseshoes, or labret studs. We give you an extensive collection of jewelry to choose from so your new adornment can still showcase your personal style.  You can even add some bling with a gem bead! The Tragus is, however, pierced with jewelry long enough or large enough to allow for any swelling that may occur after getting pierced.

Are There Any Problems?

There are very few problems that can occur but still things that you want to be aware of, infection being one of the most important. Infection can happen for a multitude of reasons. The   most common are that the piercee isn’t consistently using aftercare so the piercing wound can’t drain, or the piercing was touched with contaminated fingers. If you feel your piercing is infected, seek advice from a medical professional.

Often times, people will think their piercing is infected, but it’s actually just irritated. Shampoo, conditioner, and hair product residues can get into the piercing and irritate the wound. If this happens, you just want start up your aftercare. When you soak the piercing with the water and sea salt mixture, you ‘flush’ out the piercing, get the wound draining once again, and remove the left-over product residues. And we won’t lie, even piercers get tired of doing their aftercare everyday!!  If you forget to do your aftercare for a few days, and your piercing gets irritated, simply start up with it again!  We make it easy for you to get more aftercare if you run out and don’t live close to one of our locations as well.  Simply buy it online here! If the irritation persists, the piercing becomes hot to the touch, you develop a fever, or you notice drainage that is green or bloody, you will want to see a doctor.

Tragus piercing - Almost Famous Body PiercingMetal allergies can cause piercings to get irritated as well. At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we only pierce with surgical stainless steel, titanium, or 14k gold jewelry. You will want to be careful what kind of materials you’re putting in your piercing even after it is healed if you have sensitivities.

Are There Benefits To the Tragus?

The Tragus is associated with acupuncture techniques to help control appetite. There are also some who believe that tragus piercings can help with anxiety and migraine pain. You may see benefit with either of those things but nothing that we can guarantee, as there haven’t been any scientific studies done to prove or disprove this claim. We can promise, however, that you’ll receive a beautiful piercing done with quality jewelry that you’ll love for years to come.

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