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Rook Piercings

WRook Piercings_Almost Famous Body Piercinghat is a rook piercing?

This piercing is one of several that can go in the ear cartilage. Although fairly common, it remains an attractive option for adorning the ear. The rook piercing goes through the inner cartilage that sits close to the top of your ear, called the antihelix. The antihelix is right above the tragus. You can wear any style of jewelry, including hoops, clickers, bent barbells, and more. It’s a great piercing to dress up and wear some bling!


Once the jewelry has been chosen and sanitation protocol has been met, an Almost Famous Body Piercing technician will mark the location of the piercing and show you where the jewelry will sit. Next, the needle will be pushed through the antihelix using a hollow needle. Once the needle is removed, the jewelry you selected will be inserted, completing the piercing.

The piercing itself usually feels like a sharp pressure that lasts as long as it takes to push the sharp, beveled portion of the needle completely through the cartilage. You will feel subtle pain for a bit after, but the discomfort is mild and doesn’t last very long. Most people compare the pain of this piercing to getting blood drawn.

Healing Tips and ExpectationsRook Ear Piercing_Almost Famous Body Piercing

Rook piercing aftercare requires that you follow the detailed instructions provided by your piercing technician. The piercing will require consistent salt water soaks and soap washes to keep the wound clean and draining. The expected healing timeline for rook piercings is between six months to a year or longer depending on your body’s reaction and your attention to care. Follow these aftercare tips:

  • The first night of your piercing, ensure you have clean bed sheets and pillowcases.
  • Make sure to wash your hands with soap every time you are going to touch the piercing.
  • Mix the salt with warm water as directed on the bag. Place the cup on a table, holding your ear in the cup so your entire ear is submerged in the salt solution. Set a timer for 3-5 minutes, and soak. Rinse well with plain water after the soak, and have someone check your piercing to make sure all signs of discharge have been wiped away. Use a clean cotton swab if needed to remove the softened discharge around the piercing after soaking.
  • When showering, clean the piercing with the unscented glycerin soap you took home, and make sure to rinse carefully.
  • Any time you dry the piercing, use a disposable paper towel.
  • It is recommended you keep your hair tied back if it is long until the piercing has healed completely.

Avoid the following:

  • Exposing the piercing to ointments, hairspray and other hair styling products, perfume, and cosmetics
  • Using earphones or headphones
  • Sleeping on the piercing
  • Swimming (don’t submerge the piercing in a lake, pool, or hot tub)

Care for Rook Piercing_Almost Famous Body PiercingBenefits of a Rook Piercing

The location of this piercing reduces the chances of potential trauma associated with other ear piercings. Because the jewelry itself sits within the ear, it is more protected, making it less likely to get caught on clothing or brushes.

Rook Piercing Trends

If you check out rook piercings on social media apps like Instagram or Twitter, you will see that piercing trends can change dramatically from week to week. The rook piercing has evolved and many piercing advocates and trendsetters are wearing this piercing and the mainstream media is paying attention. Pretty gems and opals are very popular for women, and you can also find many rook piercings with heart-shaped hoops and even rook clickers.

Get Your Rook Pierced

Once you are ready to get pierced, contact us at any of our locations with any questions you may have. All of our locations do piercings on a walk-in only basis, no need to make an appointment. You can come by beforehand to check out our piercing jewelry so you have an idea of what you would like the day of your piercing. Our staff is also happy to answer any questions you may have about the rook piercing process.

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