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Philtrum/Medusa Piercing

One of the most popular, on-trend piercings right now is the philtrum piercing, more commonly known as the medusa piercing. Because of its positioning, it is a great piece that will draw attention to your lips and make your face look more symmetrical.

What is a philtrum/medusa piercing?shutterstock_333090800

The philtrum piercing is placed in the indentation of your upper lip, called the philtrum (commonly known as the,which is the vertical dip found above the center of your upper lip, directly below your nasal septum. The most common pierce of jewelry placed in a medusa piercing is a labret stud. It stands out quite beautifully since the area below the nose is naturally shaded. The philtrum piercing was given the name “Medusa” by a Canadian hairdresser who merely felt that the piercing needed a more fun
street name.

What is the medusa piercing procedure?

-It is recommended that you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash before your piercing to make sure your mouth is particle free prevent infection.

A piercing professional will use antiseptic solution to clean the facial skin above your upper lip.

You will then rinse your mouth with an antiseptic rinse.

The piercer will then mark the spot they think the piercing will look best and have you check it out.

Next, a hollow needle will be used to pierce right through the tissue, and insert the jewelry into the new piercing.

What is the healing process?

You can expect the initial healing process of a medusa piercing to take anywhere from six to 12 weeks. Full healing for any body piercing can take six months to one year or longer. The piercing will heal quicker when you do your aftercare as suggested by your piercer. Appropriate aftercare includes:

    • Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water after every meal, drink other than bottled water, or smoking a cigarette.
    • Cleaning the visible part piercing on the outside of the mouth with unscented glycerin soap when showering or washing your face.
    • Using a clean paper towel to pat dry the area.
    • Switching to a soft toothbrush and toothpaste that does not contain whiteners.
    • Avoiding antiseptic mouthwash other than what you are given from Almost Famous Body Piercing, hot spicy foods, smoking, alcohol, antibacterial skin and beauty products, makeup, and swimming (so make sure you stay out of those nearby lakes, rivers, hot tubs and pools!) If you do go swimming and your piercing isn’t totally healed, avoid submerging your piercing. You don’t know what’s in that water!

What are the current medusa piercing trends?

Current philtrum piercing jewelry trends include gem beads, colored titanium jewelry, and decorative labret tops, combining medusa piercings with septum piercings, shiny flower or star jewels, and a multitude of other choices. This piercing is always visible, so let your imagination run wild!

How has the medusa lip piercing evolved?

Lip piercings have been around since ancient cultures roamed the earth. Tribal cultures were known to adorn themselves with such piercings to signify class, position, betrothal rights, or religious symbols. The piercings became popular in the early 90s and have reemerged as a favorite body piercing for those who aren’t afraid to show the world how unique they truly are.

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