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Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing - Almost Famous Body PiercingOrbitals are one of those piercings that don’t get asked about all that often even though they are extremely beautiful once fully healed! Below is some information to read through to help you decide if an orbital is the piercing for you.

What is an Orbital Piercing?

An orbital piercing is comprised of two piercings that are connected with a single ring so it looks like an orbit. Usually this is in the helix region of the ear. You can have this piercing in other areas of the ear, too. It all depends on the shape of the ear.

Variations of Orbital Piercings

Not all orbital piercings are the same, so you have the flexibility of creating a look that’s entirely up to you!

Popular Options Include:

  • A helix orbital piercing that is in the upper ear region
  • A conch orbital piercing which can be done in the inner conch and generally uses a captive bead ring
  • A lobe orbital
  • A rook orbital piercing where the first piercing is in the antihelix and the second is in the rook

There are many types to choose from, and our staff members at Almost Famous Body Piercing can collaborate with you to find the perfect ear piercing!              

Healing Time & Care

Orbital piercing healing time is a question many people ask about, but it is a difficult one to answer. One of the factors is location. A piercing that is done nearer the lobe will heal faster than a piercing that is done in the cartilage. That is because there is more blood flow in areas that do not contain cartilage.

Aftercare is also a key factor in healing times. It is essential to soak your piercing using “Soak-It” sea salt to help keep it clean and to flush away any drainage. You will also want to use “Wash-It” glycerin soap to clean the outside of the piercing.

All that said, there is an average healing time of six months to one year or longer to fully heal. This is just an estimate as everyone heals so differently. We suggest waiting about six months to change it.

Are you ready to take the next step and get an orbital piercing? Let Almost Famous Body Piercing help with that! With our wide range of jewelry and professional staff, you can stop into any of our locations and let us help you create the perfect piercing!

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