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Auricle Piercings

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What is an Auricle (Conch) Piercing?

The conch (auricle) piercing is named as such because the piercing goes through the conch (auricle) of the ear. The auricle is defined as the outer portion of the ear, in between the earlobe and the helix. The piercing itself can go pretty much anywhere in the middle of the ear as long as there is room for the jewelry to sit comfortably.


Once the piercing jewelry has been chosen and all sanitation protocol has been met, an Almost Famous Body Piercing technician will mark the piercing area and show you where the jewelry will sit once the piercing is complete. Next, a hollow needle will be passed through the conch. Once the needle is removed, the jewelry you selected will be inserted, completing the piercing.

Healing Tips and Expectations

After your piercing procedure, you can expect some bleeding, bruising, soreness or swelling in the general region, possibly including your scalp, neck, or face around your ear. Thankfully, that will all clear up within a couple of weeks. Don’t be surprised if you feel pain above or behind your ear as well as in the immediate area of the piercing.

Conch piercing aftercare requires that you follow the detailed instructions provided by your piercing technician. It can take six months to a year or more for the piercing to completely heal depending on your body and your attention to aftercare. Follow these aftercare tips:Auricle Piercing_Almost Famous Body Piercing

  • The first night of your piercing, ensure you have clean bed sheets and pillowcases. Change them regularly as your piercing heals.
  • Make sure to wash your hands with soap before you touch the piercing.
  • Mix a warm salt solution in a clean cup following the instructions on the salt bag. Place the cup on a table, submerging your entire ear in the solution. This will ensure you are soaking both the entrance and the exit of the piercing. Have someone check both the front and back of your piercing and use a clean cotton swab to remove any drainage that remains. Rinse the ear and your piercing with clear water to remove salt residue.
  • Pat the area dry with a disposable paper towel.
  • Keep your hair pulled back and away from the piercing wound until the piercing has healed completely.

Avoid the following:

  • Exposing the piercing to ointments, hairspray and other styling products, perfume, and cosmetics
  • Using earphones or headphones
  • Sleeping on the piercing
  • Swimming (don’t submerge your piercing in a hot tub, pool, or lake)

Conch Piercing Trends

The conch piercing has become very popular among young trendsetters because it is the ideal, easy-to-see spot for rocking fancy jewelry. Many major pop icons have had this piercing at least once in their fashion evolution. It is a favorite because you can usually do double or even triple conch piercings on the same ear, making for a beautiful, unique ear adornment.

Getting Your Conch (Auricle) Pierced

Contact us about getting your conch pierced at any of our Almost Famous Body Piercing locations. You can check out several conch piercing pictures in our gallery to get some ideas for piercing jewelry and piercing placement. Keep in mind that your specific anatomy will be the deciding factor in placement of the piercing. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the piercing process. We do piercings on a walk-in only basis, so stop by at your convenience, at the location of your choice, to get your new piercing.

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