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Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is available in many different sizes, styles and materials. Many people choose colored metals and creative designs to enhance the appearance of their piercings. Almost Famous Body Piercing is home to a huge selection of jewelry pieces for any body piercing as well as replacement parts. Let’s take a look at what we have to offer you!


Barbells are used in many different body piercings. Barbells are made up of a straight piece of surgical implant grade steel or titanium with two small threaded balls on the end to hold it in place. Small barbells are used frequently in ear piercings, medium length barbells in nipple piercings, and longer barbells are used in industrial ear piercings. Almost Famous Body Piercing offers plain 316L steel barbells made of surgical stainless steel or titanium, or colored titanium barbells.

Bent Barbells

Bent Barbells are similar to straight barbells, but they have a slight curve in the middle. Most commonly seen in eyebrow piercings, bent barbells are typically 16g or 14g (gauge). The ends are either regular threaded balls, or different color decorative accents can be added. 

Captive Bead Rings

Captive bead rings are another popular option, especially in septum, ear and lip piercings. In this case, the ring is closed by a single bead which has small divots in the sides. The bead clips into the ring and is held in place by the pressure of the ring. You can add gem beads or other accents such as dangles to your Captive bead rings


Horseshoes are exactly like they sound, curved pieces of metal that form 3/4 of a circle. Beads are threaded on either end. Used most often in septum piercings and lip piercings, horseshoe shaped jewelry is easier to put in and take out than captive bead rings, and allow you to swap out the beads for different colors or gems as you wish.  Horseshoes are also a popular choice for ear cartilage piercings.

Ear Tunnels (Plugs)

Ear tunnels, or plugs, are one of the most widely requested jewelry items. They come in a huge range of sizes, tons of different materials, and offer more variety in color and design than most other body jewelry. You can choose from several different metal colors, gem colors and diameters to change up the look of your piercing. You can even choose organic materials such as wood, bone, horn, and stone.

Nipple Rings

In addition to standard barbells, a number of body jewelry manufacturers have created specialized nipple rings to wear once your piercings are fully healed. These styles often include some sort of external ring or design through which a barbell is fed to hold them in place. Options like the Rainbow Nipple Shield  and the dangling star nipple rings are good examples of the different styles of nipple rings available. The newest style available is the nipple clicker.  You can also put captive bead rings or horseshoes in your nipple piercings, just make sure the piercings are fully healed first.


Nostril jewelry comes in a few basic types, including hoops, nostril screws, and nostril bones.  The most popular are LBends and Hoops. L-bend nostril jewelry are small studs with a 90 degree bend on the end, making the jewelry look like a capital L. You slide them through the piercing and the gem on the end lies flat against the exterior of the nostril, holding the jewelry in place. Hoops are similar, with a small flat disc that keeps the hoop from falling out, but curves back into the nostril. Instead of using threaded beads, the small permanently attached disc is enough to keep the hoop from sliding out of the piercing. Nostril jewelry is typically smaller in gauge than other body piercing jewelry, usually 20g or 18g instead of 16g or 14g. 

Labret Studs

Labret stud jewelry has become very popular for a wide variety of piercings over the last decade. Typical uses are for tragus, cartilage rim, ear lobe, and even nostril piercings. Special considerations are needed for Labret jewelry used in lip piercings to keep the stud from rubbing against your gums and teeth. These short, straight studs usually include a gem or colored ball on the external portion, with an acrylic dental bumper on the inside to protect your teeth. Labret jewelry is also available in other materials such as bioplast. The two pieces fit together by pressing the external piece into the base of the stud. More basic labret studs can also be purchased that have a simple screw on bead and plain disc in both titanium , and in 316L steel.


Anyone with body jewelry is aware that not all situations are appropriate for facial or other piercings. In instances where you need to remove your jewelry for an extended period of time, a clear acrylic retainer or flexible bioplast retainer is used to keep the piercing open. Retainers come in straight, bent and L-shaped varieties to fit any piercing. 

Septum Clickers

Those who have septum piercings are always looking for ways to add color and flare to their body jewelry. The problem is that most horseshoes and captive bead rings offer limited options. Now you can buy a huge selection of septum clickers which use a straight bar that conveniently clicks into and out of the base ring. They are much easier to change out than threaded or captive bead rings, and can be swapped out in just seconds. 

Jewelry Parts

If you already have a favorite piece of jewelry but you need replacement gems or parts, Almost Famous Body Piercing offers a great selection of  beads andsteel replacement gems. Simply choose the size that fits your existing jewelry and order the color you want. This is an affordable way to update the look of your body jewelry without having to purchase a whole new piece.

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