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Multiple ear piercings - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Getting Creative with Your Jewelry

We are all about getting creative with jewelry at Almost Famous Body Piercing! We love taking the time to work one on one with our customers to make sure they leave with jewelry and a new piercing that they are more than happy with. Different Types of Jewelry Depending on which particular piercing you are…

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triple cartilage - Almost Famous Body Piercings

Wearing Multiple Earrings: Choosing Your Combinations

With piercings becoming more common as a fashion consideration, it’s a perfectly reasonable measure to think about coordinating and incorporating your piercings into your overall fashion style. Below are some suggestions on areas of the body that can fit multiple piercings and even ways to personalize those piercings. We get a lot of people in, asking if…

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Straight To The Heart Daith - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Fun with Daith Piercings

The Daith reigns as one of the most popular piercings at our locations, so we want to provide you with an array of new jewelry to choose from for that piercing. Straight to the Heart We recently got in an assortment of Daith Hearts. These have been a popular option for customers and AFBP employees…

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My New Piercing Look Exactly Like The Picture? | Almost Famous Body Piercing

Why Doesn’t My New Piercing Look Exactly Like The Picture?

We live in a time where we have mass amounts of creativity at our fingertips. You can use websites such as Pinterest to find your next piercing idea and there will be a multitude of options to choose from. Using this kind of inspiration is perfect. It’s a quick and easy way to share new…

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sea salt piercing aftercare - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Natural Disinfectants for Piercings

People get piercings every single day and, for the most part, they’re basic body piercings that don’t require a ton of aftercare. However, you do need to be vigilant and smart about your aftercare routine in the days following your piercing appointment up until it is fully healed. There are many products out there designed…

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constellation dermal piercings - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Chart Your Own Stars: A Guide to Constellation Piercings

A lot of people are comfortable with just having a single piercing. Some are comfortable with two or three. But suppose that there could be more, and not just randomly placed on the ear or wherever there was enough room. Suppose something more interesting could be done. The idea of constellation piercings certainly qualifies. Constellation PIercings: Point…

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body jewelry - Almost Famous Body Piercing

Healing Metals

The properties of healing metals have been known throughout humans’ recorded history. Copper is a common metal used for its healing properties, as it is considered a metal for the grounding of the human body and spirit, but due to the reaction that many people’s skin has to copper, it is not a prime material for body…

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10 Reasons You Need to Be Pierced by a Professional Piercer - Almost Famous Body Piercing

10 Reasons You Need to Be Pierced by a Professional Piercer

Get Pierced by a Professional Being pierced by a professional body piercer is hands down the safest possible way to get a piercing and have it look its best. A trained piercer has the experience to do the job right the first time. There is a long list of reasons why you should visit a professional…

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Tongue Piercings - Almost Famous Body Piercing

The History of Popular Piercings

Piercings Through The Ages It seems that people have always had piercings. Putting sharp objects through our skin dates back nearly 5,000 years. The oldest mummified body discovered to date even had piercings! Ancient African cultures pierced lips and tongues, while nose and ear piercings were popular in ancient Israel. In ancient times, body piercings…

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Ear Piercings On Scott - Almost Famous Body piercings

What Kind of Person Gets a Piercing?

Why Do People Get Piercings? While many question why people get piercings, those who choose them often do so for a variety of well-thought out reasons. Piercings are used as identifiers. They can enhance beauty and give the bearer a sense of pride in the way they look and feel about themselves. Many people have chosen…

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