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Stages of Healing

One of the first questions that almost every customer asks after getting pierced is “When can I change the jewelry?!” With all of the jewelry options available, it’s no wonder that’s the first thing on your mind. However, giving your piercing ample time to heal is incredibly important and here we’ll explain why. One word…

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Healing Bumps & Keloids

There are many reasons for getting a piercing and a lot of positive things that come with getting one. They are unique, they make you feel good, they are appealing to look at, the list goes on. Thrown in there, though, are a handful of things that can go wrong. Most of which are preventable.…

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Piercing Myths

Almost Famous Body Piercing was incorporated in 2005, and since then, we have heard many piercing myths and a lot of false information that gets passed along by word of mouth and even more so on the internet. We correct these fabrications by doing extensive training with our new piercers and using our blog to…

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What earrings are in style? All the Jewelry You’ll Want in 2018

With the new year comes a handful of fun, new trends in the world of jewelry – specifically regarding earrings and ear piercings ideas. Gone are the days when a single piercing in each ear and a plain stud was one of the few options to choose from. Now, creativity has gotten the upper hand,…

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Nipple Barbells

Healing New Nipple Piercings

If you are considering getting nipple piercings, you’re not alone. Pierced nipples are quite popular at the moment, thanks to celebrities who have been rocking them out in the public spotlight. You might be nervous about getting your nipples pierced, but the good thing is, these piercings are easy to care for, and you don’t…

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Body Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The holiday season is here, and that means buying presents for all the special people in your life. At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we’ve got you covered with gifts for your favorite piercing enthusiast and even the piercing hopeful. Our stores have a variety of jewelry and aftercare products so you can give them what…

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Piercings on the Catwalk: The Most Fabulous Looks from Fashion Week 2017

New York Fashion Week may be a show where the clothes are paraded down a runway but it is about so much more. It is about all forms of fashion – from clothing to makeup and from shoes to jewelry. Piercings made a couple of notable appearances on and off the runway this year along…

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Breaking Body Piercing Stereotypes

Have you ever felt the stereotypes of people with body art misrepresent who the body art community is? Do the stereotypes misrepresent who you are as an individual because of your part in the body art community? Have the negative stereotypes against body art kept you from getting a body piercing? Piercings have been heavily…

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A Guide to Earlobe Stretching

Have you ever thought about stretching your earlobes, but you just weren’t quite sure where to start? Here at Almost Famous Body Piercing we are always eager to help customers on their journey to beautiful stretched lobes! The Basics Before you begin stretching your earlobes, you need to wait until they are fully healed from…

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Getting Creative with Your Jewelry

We are all about getting creative with jewelry at Almost Famous Body Piercing! We love taking the time to work one on one with our customers to make sure they leave with jewelry and a new piercing that they are more than happy with. Different Types of Jewelry Depending on which particular piercing you are…

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